Our ceramics are utilitarian products aimed at beautifying everyday life. All our wares relate to our connection to food and environments through usage, form and raw materials. 

We find it very important that our wares are as sustainable as possible under the circumstances we life in while still creating strong bodied high fired wares. We love to use Icelandic raw materials in our pieces for colour, texture and glazes. We use Icelandic clay in many of our pieces, which is a low fired earthenware body, a beautiful material to mix in and play with. We also use lava, ash, plumage and other minerals we collect around the island, and in that way bring our love of foraging into the world of clay and ceramics. 

Our wares are dishwasher safe and food safe, although please take care, washing by hand is the best option.

We are at the moment working on different products, our ceramics will be the first we share and in time others will follow.