Bragginn, what is it:
Bragginn is a creative, multifunctional space for art, production, workshops and a venue for happenings.
Bragginn Studio is a small artist studio nestled in the country side in South of Iceland, run by a young couple, Bjarki and Erna. 
The studio is an old army barrack which used to serve as the families potato storage. Now three generations forward it serves a new role as our creative space. The place is surrounded by a beautiful nature, vibrant bird life and active farms.
Bragginn, why is it: 
Bragginn is a platform where our goal is to mediate our ideology about sustainability and sharing art and creative lifestyle. Our goal is to do experiments with self sustainable living and craft-sharing. Mixing old techniques with new to promote a better future. We borrow ideas from many ideologies but do not hang on to a single one. Perfection is not a goal, getting better is.
Bjarki, who is he: 

Bjarki is an artist and a chef who works in which ever material comes his way.  Bjarki has studied in the culinary school of Iceland where he graduated 2006. Thereafter he started studying art in the Reykjavík school of visual art, Vraa Hojskole and finally at the Iceland University of the arts. 

Bjarki's main interest is to find ways to make improvement in every day living and this theme you can see though out both his working carrier as a chef and an artist. He is passionate in every expect of life and due to his profession (and the fact that food is awesome) as a chefs food has a big role in most projects that he takes on.

Erna, who is she:

She has studied ceramics and fine art in Bergen Norway and lived there for years before recently moving back home to Iceland. Erna is an artist working with ceramics and clay in many various forms. 

Erna has a big interest in food, especially home growing and foraging. Edible flowers and sourdough baking are big passions. She has worked for years within the speciality coffee business and ran a popular summer café and open ceramic studio in Bragginn for three years together with her mother and sister.
Erna's main profession is working within the field of visual art. In her own independent art practice she focuses mainly on a research of landscape formation and natural processes of unfired clay. Her work is mainly installation and sculpture and she works both in Iceland and internationally. See her art here: ernaskuladottir.com