Bragginn – clay and coffee

***  This summer, 2017, the café will sadly not be reopened ***

Bragginn is a Café and Ceramic Studio housed in the families old potato storage, an dug down ex army-barrack.

Our menu is based on our region and community, using mostly locally grown and sourced ingredients from neighbouring farmers and producers as the area is a vibrant production area of fresh and delicious food.

The Ceramic Studio is open for visitors, where it is possible to watch the products being made, have a chat with the designer and purchase the wares straight of the production line.


  • Great coffeehouse

    Me and my girlfriend stopped at Bragginn for a afternoon snack. It was a really great place and we were happy about the wisit. I had a cold beer and the missus had a cup of coffee and the price was good. I can honestly say that I recommend this place. A must visit if you’re in the neighbourhood!

    Visited July 2015


    Helgi S

  • A coffee house to fall in love with

    Bragginn is a treasure of a café: hard to bump into if you don’t know about it, but a place you want to share with the whole wide world once you’ve discovered it. Cakes decorated with flowers, coffee of best quality, the sounds from Erna making new potteries next door and the laid back atmosphere her cool family creates – An adventurer on Iceland’s picture of the perfect lunch may become true.
    Visited July 2015


    Anna V

  • Great little coffee house

    A great little unique coffee house in the middle of nowhere. Home made cakes with local ingredients. Freshly ground coffee made “ala minute”. Polite staff and a nice pottery in the same location.


    Andreas J

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