The Art & Science of Brewing - with Anders Kissmeyer and Jan Paul
The Art & Science of Brewing - with Anders Kissmeyer and Jan Paul
The Art & Science of Brewing - with Anders Kissmeyer and Jan Paul
The Art & Science of Brewing - with Anders Kissmeyer and Jan Paul
The Art & Science of Brewing - with Anders Kissmeyer and Jan Paul

The Art & Science of Brewing - with Anders Kissmeyer and Jan Paul

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Five day workshop, 27 – 31 August, 2019

 Benjamin Franklin said “Beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy”.

That is true for our new five-day course of “The Art & Science of Brewing”. Students will be mentored by Danish craft brewing experts Anders Kissmeyer of Royal Unibrew/ Anders Kissmeyer Master Brewer, and Jan Paul of Svaneke Bryghus as they learn to produce beer that is as artful and sustainable as it is delicious.

Students will roll up their sleeves and have hands-on sessions in raw materials, yeast, malting, brewing, fermentation, microscopy, and plating. The course incorporates introductions to barrel aging, bottle conditioning, cold hopping, cask ale, Quality Management, fundamental microbiology, critical safety considerations, beer classification, beer styles, sensory evaluation and recipe formulation. Sustainability in brewing is not a separate topic, but rather a fundamental theme in all the teaching.

Anders and Jan are highly acclaimed and experienced Master Brewers on the international beer scene, and have both been in the forefront of the Danish craft brewing revolution. They are both - as a team and individually – experienced teachers at the University of Copenhagen, the Scandinavian School of Brewing and Sterling College in Vermont.

This class will allow ample one-on-one time with these acclaimed brewers and entrepreneurs, and will prepare both professionally ambitious home-brewers, aspiring craft beer impresarios as well as newcomers to the industry to sharpen-up their beers and their business models. 

The workshop is equally aimed at the experienced and professionally ambitious home-brewing aficionado, the aspiring brewing entrepreneur,  self-taught craft brewer or a the hyper-dedicated beer geek, wishing to learn more about the theory and practice behind professional small-scale brewing of our favorite beverage.


Whats included

All equipment and materials needed are included, you just bring yourself and let us worry about the rest

Wholesome and delicious lunches made from homegrown and locally sourced ingredients prepared by Bjarki and Erna of Bragginn Studio. –In preparing the meals we stay true to the concept of the classes and feed our guests with local foods, foraged goods, lacto-fermented vegetables, homemade cheeses e.t.c.– 



The class will be taught at Bragginn' s idyllic location in south of Iceland. The studio is housed an underground army barrack that dates back to WW2 and served as the family potato storage for 40 years. The setting is in a quiet rural farm area in little over an hours drive from Reykjavík, surrounded by beautiful open landscapes with views towards some of Icelands most active volcanoes. The area is the largest food production area in Iceland, with plenty of vegetable farmers who grow produce both outdoors and in greenhouses. It is also a geothermal area with plenty of hot water in the ground, selection of swimming pools and many of our national natural treasures and tourist sites close by. 

We recommend to book a stay at a Guesthouse Saga at a nearby farm, Syðra-Langholt. The owners are very hospitable and also run a horse rental. The stay includes a breakfast and a hot tub. –




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