Our menu is based on local & traditional ingredients and recipes. We use seasonal ingredients as much as possible and as such the menu rotates and evolves during the summer. Our approach is playful and we like to play around with flavours and selection. Some of our menu items we never change though – the pancakes are always a must!

The area where we are based is Iceland´s largest for production of food, especially vegetables. All of our vegetables, salads, herbs and eggs are locally sourced, home grown or picked wild around the cafe.

We are especially proud of our selection of Flour, Rye and Barley, a brand named Ískorn that is grown on the farm by our aunt Fjóla. All the wheats are also for sale in the cafe.

The delicious Smoked Trout comes from Laugarvatn based producers Útey.

We believe in good coffee and in simplicity. All the coffee we prepare at Bragginn comes from the amazing Reykjavík based roastery Reykjavík Roasters. We only serve one bean type at the time and prepare it with a V60 dripper, a method that high-lights the sweet and soft flavours of light roasted coffees.