Café closed for the summer

Dear friends

There are changes ahead here at Bragginn. We will of personal reasons decided to take a break from running the café next summer and will sadly not open Bragginn this spring.

The reason is that we are all busy ladies with many ongoing fun and challenging projects. It is all about picking and choosing and right now there are other projects that need more attention.

That said, we are not done and it is still worth following what we are up to, even though it does not include daily opening hours.

The studio will still be there and our production in full swing, we will open a web shop on our webpage shortly, so exciting. We will host a travelling festival “Fögnuður á Fardögum” this spring, Saturday June 3rd. A festival hosted each year by “Góðgresi ” that celebrates the nutritious but under appreciated plant “Rumex Longifolious”. And we will host a 5 day cheesemaking course by the Canadian cheesemaking genius David Asher this fall, 4-8. October.

We would like to thank all of you amazing people for your support during the last years, it has been priceless. The time running the café has been giving and rewarding and absolutely unimaginable without getting to know all of you.

With love
Erna, Ástý og Lára


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